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Your self-talk must be positive 먹튀검증커뮤니티

As I transitioned more and more into coaching, Leo-

tai and I often spoke by phone. In those days he enjoyed

hearing about the work that I was doing at a large

university as the Mental Edge Trainer for the athletes on

the various teams 먹튀.

One day I explained to him how, after the wrestling

competitions, the head coach and I would review all the

tapes. Then how (one by one) each wrestler was brought

in to sit down and watch his tape with us. Mostly the

head coach would make suggestions regarding technique

or strategy. A few days later I would review some of the

tapes again with the guys who hadn’t done so well. But

this time I asked the athletes to recall what their self-talk

was during the toughest parts of the match.

“Very good,” said Leo-tai. “You found something in


“We certainly did,” I said. “The one thing we found

that they all had in common was that they all had

negative self-talk going on when things were going really

badly. By watching themselves on tape, they were able

to remember exactly what they were thinking at the

time. And in every case of poor performance, when

things were going really badly, the self-talk going

through their heads was terrible. Their own internal

dialogue was setting them up to perform worse and

worse. At the precise instances when they needed all

their resolve in order to be able to turn things around,

their self-talk was busy tearing them down.”

“Interesting,” Leo-tai said quietly.

“So we’d play the tape again, only this time the

exercise was to have the athletes verbalize positive self-

talk as things got bad. I’d say, ‘This time, let me hear the

positive self-talk of a champion who might be having a

tough time during the match but who absolutely refuses

to talk himself down.’ Then, as we’d watch, they’d adjust

their self-talk. That exercise really opened their eyes.

They learned that-especially when things are tough-

it’s most important to listen only for the positive self-talk

of a champion who is focused on working his way

through adversity.”

At this point Leo-tai offered up an observation.

“Very good Daniel-san, you taught them to shut

down the Internal Critic. You taught them to always

listen for the self-talk that sounds more like a positive

coach rather than a negative critic. You helped them

understand that if there is any self-talk going on it must

be positive, encouraging, and empowering. This is key

because just like thoughts create emotions that affect the

way we feel, so can self-talk affect the way we feel, and

the way we feel affects the way that we perform. Always

remind them Daniel-san, the Warrior/Champion shuts

down the Internal Critic because he understands that he


Remember: Especially when things are at

their worst, your self-talk must be positive,

encouraging, and empowering. Shut down the

Internal Critic.


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