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Do You Know the Magic Number 먹튀검증커뮤니티

Aaron Ausmus

West Region Sales - Sorinex

The magic number is simply the number of reps in any

strength training session. Obviously, this magic number differs

from day to day. My goal is to emphasize the power and

importance of the rep. Each day, after the pre-lift warm up, I

gather the athletes up, go over the plan, emphasize the

important cues for each movement, and then talk about the

magic number. This magic number is the number of reps, but

how the reps are executed is what makes them magic.

For example, on a given day we might have 5 exercises.

Each exercise has 4 sets, and each set has 5 reps. The magic

number is 100. Each athlete has 100 opportunities to make

our plan become a magic plan. What will their number be

today? 83/100, 92/100, or 100/100? One subpar rep in each

set in this example will sum up to 80 reps done correctly and

20 reps that had poor or questionable execution. Basically, the

athlete trained at 80 percent capacity of the plan. One bad rep

per set doesn’t sound that serious until you put it into a big

picture scenario 먹튀검증.

80 percent success in a football season is approximately

9 wins, 3 losses. Athletes start off any season with talks and

ambitions of going undefeated, winning it all, and how hard

they are going to train. Addressing the magic number and

talking about it consistently creates a forced awareness of the

quality of each rep for the athlete. At the end of sessions, our

coaching staff discusses with our athletes what they honestly

thought their magic number was that day. Sometimes, their

reality and the coaches’ observations are different. If so, then

the coach has the opportunity to give the athlete honest


Overall, since implementing this technique, passion and

focus have picked up in the weight room. I have always said

that the quality of each training session starts with the first rep


Athlete Huddle

What’s more important to you, the number of reps or

the quality of reps? Why?

Coach Huddle

How are you emphasizing the importance of every rep?


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